That time I fell in love with Cambodia pt. 2

Leaving Kampot was so sad but the people I left with were such a funny and easy going group that it made it much easier. We bought a bottle of whiskey and coke for the road and headed to Otres Beach! I finally found another whiskey lover and that’s really rare to find out here! The ride was 2 hours but felt like 30 minutes. We arrived at Stray Cats Hostel and went to watch the sunset at the beach. If you’re in the area, skip Sihanoukville and come straight to Otres. The beach has a little water park which honestly should be included in every beach. For just $2 you can spend as long as you want here!

It just so happened that Regan was also here so we met up for the third time. We were both going to leave to other cities but there was a jungle party the next day so we decided to stay. The jungle party was alright – I wasn’t really feeling the music but it was a pretty cool set up. There was a Ferris wheel, the fastest and most unsafe Ferris wheel I’ve been on but that made it super fun! It was a cool little race located in the middle of the jungle. 

The next day we decided to head to Koh Rong Samloem together. This island was my definition of paradise. Perfect beaches and not so touristy. I highly recommend coming here and staying at Huba Huba in sunset beach. You have to either take a ferry that stops at sunset beach or you can hike 30 minutes through the jungle to get there. Might be a little difficult with your backpack or luggage but this 65 year old man did it, so you can too! 

After settling in, we headed to the beach and met a hilarious couple from California. They invited us to use their jet ski and their boat and then offered us some hash from an inhaler! Never saw that before so how could I resist?! The rest of the day was so chilled out, mostly because of the hash. It was so nice to have no distractions, aka no wifi, so we could catch up on our journaling. We met some people in our dorm room on the way to go in the water so we asked if we could join. Guess what was in the water?! MORE GLOWING PLANKTON! It was such a beautiful night especially because the group had snorkels with them so we could see them so much clearer. We ended our night with a bonfire and some tribal music – a girl was leaving the island and they were having a party for her! What a perfect first day in paradise.

The next day Regan and I wanted to go hiking to see more of the island. A lovely British girl, Helena, joined us and the three of us walked around the jungle, getting lost a few times but hey if you don’t care where you’re going you can’t really get lost! That night Regan and I slept in a tent on the beach which was super cool! And cheap, also. Only $10 between both of us! In the morning I unzipped my curtain and found a shit load of rat shit around my bookbag, and was thinking that it was weird it was only really around my bookbag. No big deal right? I brushed it off and found that the motherfucker bit right through my bag to get my banana chips. The stupid chips that I knew I wasn’t going to eat but saved because I’m too cheap to waste it!!!!! So the damn rat ruined my bag and then took a shit all over it. Thank god duck tape did the trick! For now.

Our last day on the island was spent snorkeling and seeing some weird cuttlefish. They look like aliens!! We swam for about 2 hours because we went too far and it took us longer to get back that we thought it would! Our backs were so sunburnt but at least we got some exercise in. We did nothing but eat for the last few days. If you guys wanna experience an untouched beach, amazing food, and a simple lifestyle for a few days then come to Koh Rong Samloem!


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